Bamboo Farm palms

bradleyo_gwJune 12, 2011

Hey all. I'll be posting some pics of the old landscape soon. Had a rough winter and lost a lot of stuff but I recently returned from a vacation in Hilton Head and have these to post for now. We went to the Bamboo Farm and I thought many of you may be interested in seeing the progress of all of the sabals there.

Sabal Tamaulpias

Sabal minor "Madison"

Sabal minor "Hatteras"

Sabal Mexicana

Sabal Louisiana

One of the Sabal Lisa's

The other

I don't recall exactly but maybe Sabal domingensis?

Sabal causiarum?

Sabal 'Birmingham'

Big beautiful needle

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Nice pics. The needle palm looks great and it has huge leaves.

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Wow, those palms are looking excellent! I think my favorite is the Sabal Lisa!
Thanks for sharing!

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Great pics, I too love the sabal lisa it really has some unique fronds and a nice looking trunk. That has to the best looking needle palm that I have seen in a long time. I can't wait till my louisiana starts forming a trunk.

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I was surprised myself how well those palms were thriving. I could only dream of having a needle that looked like that, much less a Louisiana.

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