Ghost not getting enough sun, should I use a mirror?

EvowrexMarch 29, 2014

So I just realised that my neighbours apple tree is stealing my ghosts sun. I have set up a mirror to give more sun to my ghost.
Is this a good idea?
If you want pics, just ask.

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Too late to move it, or do a stealth cut on the tree? ;-)

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What TomT asked; is it too late to move it? How long has it been it its current location?

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A while ago. Around 2 months ago.. why?

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Pics would be nice, not sure if the reflected sunlight will be enough unless you have a decent mirror. Also the light from the reflected mirror may be too concentrated/focused and burn the plant.


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OK mark.
I will post pics tomorrow.

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Not sure if this is true but I feel that when the sun moves during the day that the reflection will change it's focus and I agree on the burning part.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

No focus or burning issues with a *flat* mirror.

The sun does move so the length of time sunlight might be reflected onto the plant may be too short to be effective.

Here's an idea: Use a full-length mirror - one of those that's about a foot wide and 4' long - and set it sideways. Placed close to the plant you might be able to have it track long enough to do some good.

I'll be interested to see what you come up with.


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