Anyone grow peppers in PVC?

srj19(4)March 29, 2011

I'm contemplating planting peppers in a 4" Pvc tube, either set up as a tower or possibly hanging horizontally with a plant every 6 inches or so.

Anyone have experience growing in pvc? Do you think this is sufficent spacing and will allow good root growth?



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Too confining for their roots. Think of something else.

Their roots can spread out as wide as the plant gets.

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Lisa Stevens

I would be concerned about growing anything in PVC due to the dioxin (a known carcinogen) that leeches out of it.

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I think a 4 inch tube is definetly too small for most pepper plants unless its a small ornamental type pepper maybe?

Just my opinion

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These would be jalapeno, serrano, thai and some SE asian varieties.

What about the horizontal idea? Growing each one spaced along the pipe about 6-9" would give the roots room to grow laterally....

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I believe a lot of waterlines are made with PVC in modern homes so I would not be concerned about contaminants. I think the idea would be a fun experiment but I wouldn't bank my season of pepper growing on it. I would definitely confine my variety selection to the smaller varieties since I think the pipe would be a bit too small otherwise.

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I think it's a cool idea, but I would worry the 4' diameter wouldn't be enough room for root growth, even laterally. I'd love to see it tried on a 6' or 8' pipe. Below is a link to a Tribe topic that discusses sourcing inexpensive PVC pipe. Looks like salvage is the way to go...

I'm going to start keeping my eyes open for some of the larger size, I can't resist an experiment. :-D

Here is a link that might be useful: Tribe Conversation

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