What kind of palm is this and how can I most easily eradicate it?

kelletimJune 14, 2014

I really can't stand this thing, it takes up a huge amount of space that would be better purposed for flowers or other shrubs. Plus, it is ugly. What's the easiest way to kill this thing?

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It appears to me to be 2 or 3 Trachycarpus. Maybe T.princeps?...choice palms. They had to be have bought by a collector. Not palms you find at HD or Walmart.
If you want to kill them..cut the heads off. Thats all it takes. Or,dig them out and sell them. I'm sure palm people would be interested.

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Maybe Chinese Fan Palm (Llivistona chinensis)?

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carmellawinecroft(zone 5)

Wow, I think it's lovely! Beautiful palm in the wrong spot. If it were mine I'd try to transplant it to a more suitable location and make it a specimen plant! Okay, I live in Illinois and have huge envy for tropical plants!

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It does look like a Livistona. People would be prepared to buy a palm like that, but its position that close to the tree could present problems with transplanting. Cutting the top out would end its life.

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Are you all sure this isn't just a saw palmetto? That's what it looks like to me ...

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Definitely not a Serenoa species... agree most likely Livistona chinensis

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adamharbeck(WA Aust)

Put is up free on craigslist?

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Definitely a Livistona Chinensis. They are not clumping palms so if you saw it off at the ground level it won't come back. Palms cannot survive if they are cut below there growing point since unlike other plants, palms only have one growing point. The livistona looks beautiful, but I agree that it is not in a perfect spot.
Good luck!

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