Any advice on grafting?

mjhuntingtonbeachMarch 9, 2013

I don't have unlimited space in the yard and I have a large-ish Samoan Fluff taking up a fair amount of space. It is a pleasant flower, blooms reliably, but I find that there is nothing very interesting about it, and no fragrance at all that I can detect. I was thinking about either removing it, and planting a Wildfire to take its place, or taking a stab at trying to graft maybe three different varieties that are more colorful, or more fragrant, or both to add some interest and take advantage of 8 years of established root system.

The only three branches that I would think to graft onto are very thick. Has anyone had any experience trying to graft a normal sized branch cutting, maybe one or two years old, onto a much thicker branch several years older?

Attached are photos of the full tree, and the lower branch structure showing three main thick offshoots that I was thinking of attempting to graft onto.

Any advice or thoughts?

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Others with much more experience will comment but from what I understand, the cutting you were grafting to the branch would have to be about the same diameter as the branch as the cambium layers must line up to be successful.

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