A couple more pics

jimhardyJune 6, 2012

Start with a few flowers and such...

The color is so intense on these Butterfly bushes!

Hope you can see it.

Yucca in the front yard-the one in back has an even bigger flower stalk of about 7'


The future...little Takil seed(wink)

Cactus garden-Hesper aloe still flowering,

M.Maculosa opened ot's first flower late yesterday evening.

I trimmed the leaves off this Aloifloia to remove

the bump in leaves where it was trunck cut-

it also has about 4 1/2' of trunk..not being

caught by the Trachys anytime soon,if I can figure out how to cover it....also,last night

I trimmed about half the leaves off the 2 smaller ones

opening up some light for Protoamericana,T.Nanus ETC.

Beautiful color coming in on the New Zealand purple Castors....not shown(wink)

Castor bean plants-if you can locate the shovel handle,that is 3'

Thanks for looking!

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Looking great! What is the flower in the first and 4th pics? Very nice. The aloifolia looks awesome. How many year old now? That didn't have any trunk to speak of when you planted it, did it? Any before pics?

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Wow, those castor beans are really taking off. I thought you lost your opuntia imbricata, but it is getting big too. Those late frost didn't hurt your butterfly bushes either I see. Great job!

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Excellant Pics

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Very nice Jim! I'm not usually one for flowers, but I do like that you're incorporating them into your plantings. They look great. Nice color and interest. How are your Louisianas doing? Any significant growth yet?

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