What are these bugs? Cantaloupe

slretherfordMay 6, 2014

This is a cantaloupe seedling that I've had for a few weeks that seems not to have grown at all since I transplanted. Today, I noticed these on the back of the leaves and some on the stem. Are they aphids? They are very tiny so it is hard to tell what their bodies actually look like. If so how can I get rid if them without harming the plant or other beneficial insects? Thanks in advance, I am very new to this

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

spray them off with water ... think windex type bottle with water only ...

were these seeds started indoors and taken outside..

did you harden them off properly ... including to the sun??? .. before plantign them in mother earth ?????

they look in transplant shock.. or if not transplanted.. then cold damage ...

nothing to do but wait to see if they get over it ...

there arent enough aphids there to have caused any of this.. but knock them off anyway ...

these plants.. as are most vegs.. are hot earth plants... when we jump the gun a bit.. and plant them in cold soil.. they just sit there .... how cold have your nights been ... if it hasnt constantly been staying in at least the 60s at night ... then its not a happy camper ...


ps: its even worse.. if they were bought from a hot cozy greenhouse.. and you planted them directly into cold soil.. because it was warm and toasty the day you bought them .... again.. they would have needed to be hardened off prior ...

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Thank you for your reply! I bought them from a nursery a few weeks ago and they were about this size when I did.. I'm sure that you're right, they were nice and cozy in a greenhouse and then I planted them outside.. I think we have had a few nights below 60 since I transplanted

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Those appear to be aphids and I'd guess that your cantaloupes are struggling with exposure to the full sun after being grown in a greenhouse.

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