cactus flowers 2010

jimhardyJune 4, 2010

Here's what's bloomed so far-(cactus)

Warning-some low picture quality.

Oops,how did that get in there?

Anyone what to guess where it is?

1 more barrel(E.triglochidiatus)to go!.....

and H.parvaflora-the bloom stalk is about 6'

Thanks for looking!

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

I always enjoy your pictures. I can see why you like catus - there's a big bloom payoff.

It would be hard to guess what the mystery photo is - is it this time of year. Couldn't be. Northern Nevada or Utah in the early Spring.

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Nice pics, they look very nice.

The mystery pic, it looks like somewhere in Colorado, could be southwestern section.

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Very nice!

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Hi, Jim!
Very nice, badly beautiful cacti. I like your viviparas and reichenbachii, it's good that labels come into pics. I am ill to cacti, because I have them whole my life, now there're more than 200 species in my collection.
P.S. What is that valley / crater?
P.S.P.S. can you tell me as american ( :) ), what "yatapa" - cactus means? I've just found this article, but cannot imagine what cactus could take part in this story. :D
Best regards -

Here is a link that might be useful: Native American Legends

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Beautiful blooms! I can think of very few other plants that are able to produce a single flower that is larger than themselves! Small cactus plants are definitely one of them!
Thanks for posting, they look great!
Good luck!

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

Jim,First Great pics.I have a cactus like one of yours.I have always wondered what kind of cactus it is.I bought it at Kroger about five years ago,it was about 5" tall at the time.The card that came with it just said cacti plant.The one im talking about is the one that looks like it's in a clay pot,planted in the ground,on the front right of the picture.It's the straight tall one that's green.The only difference I see between mine and yours, is yours looks like it's not round all the way down to the soil.Mine looks like the top of yours the whole plant is round.It's about 4ft tall now,but it's never bloomed.Can you tell me the name of that cactus?I thought all cactus bloomed,has yours ever bloomed for you?

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Sorry Antti
no idea about that one.

Cereus peruvianus is sometimes called The column cactus,they do bloom,I had one about the size of yours 25 yrs ago and it did bloom.
They may require cold winter weather to bloom.some cactus do.

Here is a link that might be useful: C.peruvianus In bloom

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