What's chomping my iris??

reddingJuly 14, 2011

Can anyone tell me what is being so voracious with my iris? This particular patch is in full sun and is ready to be picked up, thinned, and moved anyway, but I'd like to have something left to move.

Another patch, less than 50' away, is still in fine and undamaged condition, at least so far. I don't want all of them to be ragged, tattered, and eaten down to nothing. A little taste here and there is one thing, but this is just ridiculous!


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You don't see grasshoppers? Slime trails?? Can you go out late or really early to try and catch the culprits?? Is there a light that attracts june bugs ?
( Wear only a bath robe that flaps open as this dicourages most pest.) Try a hot pepper spray. (on the plants only)

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No slime trails or a light around close, and I don't think I've ever seen either a snail or a slug in the garden. I haven't seen but maybe one Junebug this year, but grasshoppers are another story. They began to arrive in increasing numbers just within the past few days. We've always had a few, but now it's getting bad.


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Pallida(Zone 7b)

My daylilies's foliage in full sun looks similar. Guess those little buggers (grasshoppers) love a suntan while dining!


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Grasshoppers feed some during the day, but when I really see them in huge numbers is from late afternoon until deep into the night. I think they don't especially want to be spotted. The birds in my garden are helping control them there, but in the grassy areas, they are everywhere.

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I was just doing some reading on grasshopper control, and one of the university sites said that if you leave tall grass and vegetation for them to shelter in, they tend to do less damage to the desirable plants in the garden. Oh, great! I had just finished running the weed-eater to get rid of all the tall stuff around the veggie garden, and pulled the weeds from the perimeter of the flower bed. It figures! I'm going to go see if I have any permethrin for the flower bed. I can't spray the veggies, but I resent the idea of giving up four years of work in the flower bed because the hoppers are hungry.


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