Please help ID Pygmy Date Palm Deffeciency

TAB3230June 14, 2012

In south florida, my robellini leaves turning brown, soil pH 7.5+ tested with selfkit, near asphalt driveway. I have feed with 13-3-3 fertilizer with no boron or manganese during last 6 months (not too much). I had suspicion it is manganese defficiency and watered one set of trees(triples) with almost 8 oz of manganese suplhate dis. in rain water about 20 days ago, then i watered with epsom salt 2 tablespoons in 3 gal rain water like 10 days ago.

I have another triple of robelinis, accross drive way, which i watered with 2 tablespoon epsomsalt + 3 oz of manganese sulphate in same bucket 20 days ago, and it has some greener new comming leaves, but they still not dark green, light color.

So what kind defficiency my palms have?

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Stop with the fertilizer! your in Florida, they grow like weeds there! just plant 'em and forget 'em!

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As you can see, it is not a true all the time, they are not native to FL and require additional care.

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gregsytch(z9b Tampa Bay)

I'd check for fungus. Sprinklers nearby? Too much rainfall? The browning appears more disease oriented. My roebs grow easily but I have no sprinklers. If it doesnt rain in a long time I water (rarely) and feed high nitrogen, as you did. They are quite drought tolerant once established. I'm in Tampa Bay-Pasco Co zone 9b. Greg

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What if I do have sprinklers nearby? do I overwater them then? I do not live at some georgia farm, I am in Florida with 20k square ft
Empty land ;)

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They do like a lot of water (at ground level) provided they have good drainage. Although, they shouldn't get overhead waterng. That will cause crown rot.

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I am watering them, i am who change timers , there are nothing waters them from top, close to trunk, sprinklers - its true. But none from overtop

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How long have you had the palms for? If this is something that has happened suddenly then its got to be something that they are getting differently (could chemicals from washing a car or something like that have gotten into the soil near the palm?). If they are recently planted (within the last year or so) then whatever it has, it got from the place you bought them and usually if it's not too serious, the problem corrects itself in those cases.

If the browning isnt worsening and the new leaves are not an unhealthy looking color, then I think you will have to wait for new fronds to replace the old, damaged ones, and see how those look. If the browning is getting worse, then that means the problem is still there.

Try not to water too much right now and see if that helps the problem. Don't let it dry out too much though since they do like water, but since you are in Florida, you usually get plenty of water this time of the year naturally.

Good luck! Keep us updated!

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Have to say, that does indeed look like classic Manganese deficiency, and Florida soils are often deficient in Manganese... unfortunately the foliage that is already abnormal will stay that way, or actually, probably die... but new leaves might look healthier now if you continue to supplement Manganese (not too much as it is somewhat toxic to palms, too, in large amounts).

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I do not know history of these palms, I moved into that hous about year ago.

Maybe about 3-4 months ago my asphalt driveway has been resurfaced, with black resurfacer (I do not know exactly what brand used), maybe it has something to do with that?

I also have one robellini which is away from driveway, like 15 feet, but close to concrete sidewalk and 1 of 3 palms (it is triple) has same symptoms, it closest to concrete.

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Ok I will spray epsom salt and manganese ratio 1:3
Which is magnesium/sulfur and manganese under trees and half on leaves. Excuse mine laboratory but I see no other ways to deal with that yellowing In my frontyard.

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