The heat, watering and mildew.....

kfrinkleJuly 7, 2011

So, I had been watering every other day in this heat. Due to the size of some of my squash and cucumber plants, which are interspersed throughout the garden, I noticed that there was still some moisture under the leaves at the start of the next watering cycle, so I decided to try a 3-day cycle instead. Boy did I pick the wrong three days to do that. I walked out in the later afternoon to see nearly every single plant wilted to the ground. Even the okra was starting to droop. Now, the original reason I went to three day cycles was because I was getting powdery mildew on my summer squash/zucchini leaves! Any ideas on how to keep the garden watered, but avoid the mildew?

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Water with soaker hoses or drip irrigation lines that put the moisture down into the ground and not up onto the leaves.

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I think I will have to bite the bullet and get a drip system. I have about 300 ft of rows, and something like this:

would probably do the trick... *sigh*

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kfrinkle, I tried that Premium Drip Irrigation Kit last year, not the worth of money and effort. Main problem was water leaking excessively at the connectors, where T-tape meet Main line. Secondly you cannot make loop (curved) with T-tape. I am not using that kit any more. Now I am using rubber-soaker hoses (@$10.97 for 50ft at HD) which is much flexible and provide very uniform irrigation. Presently connecting sokaer series to garden hose, but will build PVC line to each bed later when i get time.

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Thanks for the heads up. Perhaps I will work on acquiring the soaker hoses instead. I assume one other advantage of just using soaker hoses is that they are more movable...

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