Magnolia grandiflora in OK

nikkie_in_torontoJuly 3, 2011

Hi. I'm actually writing from Cleveland Ohio and used to travel to the Tulsa area for work back in the 1990's. I am experimenting with various Magnolia grandifloras here in Ohio with very good success, though our winters along Lake Erie have been fairly mild lately. I know that many of you had a very cold winter and read where temps were between -10 and -20 in certain areas. I remember seeing some very nice Magnolias in the Tulsa area years ago. What happened to them after this past winter? Did they defoliate? Were certain cultivars hardier than others? I'm sorry to interupt your forum but I was very curious in that I've been experimenting with them this far north. Thank you! Nikkie.

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Nikki, it actually got to -28 here where I am a few days in a row. None of the Magnolias here suffered, none that I have seen anyway. Nothing lost foliage and they are all blooming and have been for a few months. I think the trick for you might be in the time of year that you plant. Do you know of anyone in your area that has a Magnolia tree? That might be the best route for you to take, finding out if anyone has one and how they got it to grow.

Good Luck


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