bring on the heat Growth Explosion

andyandy(6bMI)June 7, 2011

Starting with last Saturday 92 86 84 94 95 86 ave high 89.50 All of my palms have exploded. Only dropping to low 70s at night helps a lot two. I got home around midnight last night and watered them all. It is VERY hot 89 already. I feel for anybody without air. I hope everyone is safe!

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

im right there with ya. high today of 97! Ours starting last wed 93,93,98,97,97,96 my palms just got in the ground over the weekend but my bananas and cannas are going nuts. Bad thing is no rain so my water bill will be mighty heavy this month. It sure is hard to believe that just this past February we had record lows in the negative teens. This is what stinks about our weather.

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We're with you as far as rain goes. We were hammered all May with rain and have not seen a drop this month. I'm having to water everything including my garden. We are supposed to get rain when the cool fron moves through. It is only supposed to hit about 73 by Friday.

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97 and 99 tomorrow and thursday here. Its going to be a warm one, but we had a very chilly weekend (only 69F on Sunday) and temperatures will be 5 to 10 degrees below normal from Saturday on. I would like consistant 80s, but it looks like we will either be getting extreme summer heat or typical mid spring weather.

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We had almost 7" of rain in less than a week-
that combined with 90+ temps really sent the tropicals and cactus
into orbit.

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Bamatufa(7 - Trussville, AL)

I have some extra heat down here free for the taking.Please take it!

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I'll take some of the heat. Not too much though. I'll just get every day up to 86F and every night up to 80F. Perfect weather for the tropicals, but not too hot. I wish weather worked like that!

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

Andy, I thought of you in this heat when I saw it reached right up to your area with record heat. This is the time to let the plams soak in the heat and grow grow grow and water them everyday in 90+ heat.
Its cooking hot here in New York City! Its been in the 90s in most places since 11:00 AM and will not drop below 90 until after 11:00 PM, usually Spring heat is not as exciting as 12 hour periods of super-heat because temps drop off fast here in April/May, but not this airmass. Its behaving like mid July. Well, as most of you said the plants love it.

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101F forecast tomorrow here on the southern Delaware coast. Hadn't rained in weeks. We hadn't been over 100 in 9 years until last year, when it was triple digits four separate times, topping out at 104F. Too early for this.

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Sustained warmth, sun, and moderate rainfalls would be best. Last week's mini heat wave of near 100 F. did some damage to my Washingtonias and largest of the P. canariensis palms. I have them on top of an over-sized, blacktop driveway and temps are always several degrees warmer when there's sun. I use these big, high ones to shelter other smaller palms and other tropicals. Spring seems to just be that way here--stuck in a rainy funk or record heat. Hoping for a sunny, moderately warm, moderately humid, "normal" summer with those typical afternoon thunderstorms of yesteryear.--This year, the country has seen enough meteorological drama.

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The roller coaster continues. The heat wave broke for us last Thursday and two days ago it was cloudy and the high was 63. Very pleasant the past couple of days and 75. Feels good but it has really slowed growth down. We need rain to. We got some Thursday when the cool front moved in but not enough.

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We got drenched Friday and Saturday. Finally today high of 83 instead of upper 90's. Looks like we'll be in the low 80's till Monday. But we have three more storms coming in this week.

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