A couple of palm questions please.........

king_fish(se)June 16, 2014

Location, central Alabama. Please note photos of Windmill Palm. From a distance it looks fairly normal other than the fact we lost several fronds to our cold winter. Next photo shows the base of the tree, note the hair is gone and the base remaining looks to be much smaller in diameter than the remainder of the tree. Should we cover this bare area with mulch? Do we have a problem?

Secondly, Pindo Palm cut back from winter damage. This tree keeps trying to bloom. I have been cutting bloom pods in hopes that this would provide more energy for the new fronds to emerge. Am I correct in doing this?

PS Forget the multiple photos, looks as though I could load only one so I chose the base of the Windmill.

Many Thanks for your help!

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On the issue of cutting back the "bloom pods", if you cut back very early the plant could try to replace them. That means it's constantly putting a lot of energy into reproduction which is just going to waste. You could leave them to get to flowering but cut off before fruiting. That way the plant could 'think' it's done with the job of flowering and could get back to the job of growth rather than more flowers.

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