bamboo palm advise/help

plantlover80(5a-WI)June 20, 2014

Hello all, I need advice as to what and how to spring this plant back to life. I have a past post where I saved it from my company before they tossed in the I need to save it from myself.

I have 3 cats one of them won't leave the plant alone so I spray a little bit of bitter on it.
Synergy Labs� Fooey- ultra bite spray.
the instructions/ ingredients says contains no alcohol and it's safe to put on harmful plants. neutral pH, orderless non-toxic, non caustic, non-flammable and non-acidic.

I have a broken plant holder (flat) at the bottom to raise the inner pot up to relieve from standing water. I water it when it is about 2 inches deep dry. the soil drains really good. I haven't fertilized it because the soil I potted it in has a fertilizer in it. the soil is a moisture retaining soil. I think it was miracle grow.

I had it down in the basement and when I first got it because I didn't have a spot to put it and if it had a disease I didn't want it near my other plants.
I brought it up to the bedroom away from the south window about 12 feet away in the corner. it wasn't doing too good so today I moved it over by the south window (177�).

I will post pictures of the quality of the plant. I wanted to post a video of how the soil drains but apparently it is frowned upon in this establishment.

any advice is appreciated.thank you in advance.


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2nd pic

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3rd pic

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Should I cut all the dead leaves off? I did previously because I read it didn't matter but maybe that's the problem?

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Sounds like you are on the way to making it happier... lots of water and lots of light. What is damaged will stay that way, though, until you chop it off.

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