jandey1(TX8)March 30, 2013

Let's start a thread on KWHs, or Known Water-Hogs. These are the plumerias we've found to need A LOT of water through the summer season, so this will be great to keep in mind when selecting a variety for a certain climate or part of your yard.

Thornton Lemon Drop

Please add on what you've noticed as a particularly thirsty plumie in your collection.

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I find that Inca Gold, Kimo, & Neon Lights get's thirstier than my other bunch. They always show signs of "thirst wrinkles" first before any of the others.

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Scentsational can't get enough here in OK. Even pot sunk I still water it daily if not twice in July/August.


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Great idea Jandey...I always wondered why my Waimea that sits next to Kauka Wilder looks so different at times..seems 1 is thirsty and was does not want any more water...
Of course area matters too. We have had thick fog now for 5 days, just as they were starting to push and enjoy some sun. roxanne

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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

ACW, SCP, Mela Pa Bowman, Hong Kong, Ca Sally, Rim Fire, Gina, Guillots Sunset, Dwarf Sing Pink, Daisy Wilcox, Celebration, Opera Rouge, Sweet lyndie, Bonnie Fox, Penang Peach, Aztec Gold, Samoan Fluff, J Morange, Thai Peach, Ruby Gold, Heart of Gold, Emmerson Pink Nova, JL Super Nova, JL Metallica, Sherbert Town, Tbred Tracy, Orange Jack, Big Red

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I knew I was forgetting an important one earlier:


James, that's a big list! I have only two of those, but surprisingly my Penang Peach doesn't seem to need much water. Of course, all mine are much younger, only a few years old.

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never really noticed to tell you the truth. But you know I stick everything in the ground and ignore it. Looks like I need to get more mulch though from reading that list and our ongong drought.
Tally Ho!

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Kaneohe Sunburst is always the first tree to start drooping if I get behind in my watering...don't know if that makes it a water hog, or just a "special-needs" tree...but either way, I don't love it any less for that :)

Oh, and I would add JJ Mini-White to that list.


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Definitely Divine!

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I am making notes of these thirsty ones on my list of what I have...and on the flip side is the wish list of 65 or more...may be good to note the not too happy with lots of water, which I have been told was Kauka Wilder and Cooktown Sunset....guess it all depends on area too...we are on the coast 1 block from the beach and mine love the morning sunshine courtyard and are behind in the middle courtyard and the afternoon sun. What a great thread to hear which need more water...mahalo, roxanne

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I've never really thought about it, but I will start noting which ones droop the fastest. I keep a spreadsheet with all kinds of notes on them. :)


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I should probably clarify and say that these are the plumerias that will actually show branch wrinkling very quickly, as opposed to just leaf droop.

Lots of mine will keep a nice, plump trunk while their leaves droop in our afternoon heat. My KWHs will have wrinkled branches and drooped leaves, even first thing in the morning when it's cool. Within a day of watering, though, they'll plump right back up again.

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Hey guys,
the most important factors as to how much water a plumeria needs is the type of soil mix and how big the canopy is. The type of soil mix affects how much water it retains. If the soil does not retain much water the plumeria will be thristy all the time in the heat. If the canopy is large it will lose a lot of water from the leaves by evaporation and will uptake more water from the soil. I have not observed much difference due to variety type.


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you are so right George!

I have started using the moisture retaining mixes for so many of my plants. With heat, humidity, ongoing drought, water can`t water on a daily basis, even a weekly basis sometimes. Last year no outdoor watering was in effect. I hauled water from the bathtub down the stairs and out to the plants. This year I am disconnecting the downstairs shower and running the gray water directly to the garden.

I have even moved some plants to less sun than they would desire to cut down on their water needs. Hopefully this year will be better. We are only "dry" right now. It was a challenge last summer to keep the pond full. Millions of trees died in the state last year.
Tally Ho!

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