Somethings eating my palm...

Outlaw_Gardener(7a OK)June 1, 2011

I purchased a Parlor style palm last week at Wal-Mart. I potted it up in a pot on my front porch that gets only morning sun. I noticed yesterday afternoon that something is eating at the ends of the leaves. It's not widespread yet. Any idea what pest this might be and what is the best pesticide to use on this type of plant? I have a Kimberly Queen fern and Angel Wing Begonia planted underneath the palm. Any information would be greatly appreciated!


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grasshoppers? That is usually what takes parts of the leaves off my palms, but there are dozens of leaf-chomping insect out there. I only have grasshoppers, but you might have a lot different bugs where you live.

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Grasshoppers are also a major problem by me. They leave my parlor palm alone, but cannas, Brugmansias, and lots of others are not spared. I would keep it as far away from other bushes and the ground as possible. That seems to help at least a little bit.

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