Update Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs

stinkbugtrapper(6)May 30, 2012

How are brown marmorated stink bug populations looking in your area so far this season? Not good in Lancaster County PA. Its going to be a bad buggy year for many! The picture represents (50) stink bugs caught in one hour a few nights ago.

Image link:

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What kind of damage do they do? I've noticed them in my garden this week.

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Unfortunately they damage nearly every garden fruit or vegie but they do have preference. They love sweet corn, green peppers, squash, tomatoes, any kind of berries or fruit trees.. If you have facebook stop over facebook.com/stinkbugtraps I post pics and information all year almost daily about stink bugs and other invasive insects. Tonight we will travel out to an orchard that is experiencing high levels of damage to check our solar traps. Stink bugs are easy to catch at night with our light traps but another way to slow them down is remove their egg masses.

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