My newest additions to my plumeria collection.

andrew78(6)March 31, 2011

Spring is finally arriving here in western NY. Yes, it's still cool and at times, it is flat out cold! Not too cold for me to recieve plumeria though. During our last warm spell I got 3 of Mimi's(Aloha plumeria group moderator) Black/Red cuttings which several of us have said are actually Hilo Beauty, then I got 1 Mimi's Home Pride(not sure what varoety it really is), which has sevral diffrent pink and red tones to it, and one that she calls Mimi's Gold. Normally I wouldn't go for the noids(and the yellow has also been ID but I cannot remember the name) but I only paid $6 for the 2 and the Hilo Beauties I also got at a great price.

About 2 weeks ago I bought another Penang Peach plumeria which shouldn't be a surprise to anyone here because so it is one of my all time favs. With that order I also got a Thai variety called 'Super Round'. I will post links to these flowers. I also bought a cutting of Elsie which along with the others is potted in a gatorade bottle over a raw egg.

This week I ordered 2 more trees and one unrooted cutting. I am most excited about these purchases. One of them is called 'Thai Spyn'(which is an awesome pink with a yellow throat) and Thai Jenny. The Thai Jenny is hard to describe but I will post the link for that also.

The cutting I got is called 'Jackie'. Jackie is a mostly white flower with purple tips. What drew me to this flower was the pagoda shaped flower.

Here is the link for the Thai 'Super Round'

The link for the Elsie pic is right above the link for the Thai Super round. Another awesome plumeria, but ofcourse it's a PP seedling!!

Here is the link for 'Thai Jenny'. I love the shape of the petals, the yellow center and the white background with the white band on the outside. I also thought the shape of the petals themselves was quite interesting. They almost seem to be elongated.

The link for the 'Thai Spyn is right below the link for Jenny.

Lasty, here's the link for 'Thai Jackie'. According to the seller, this variety needs temps in tje 90's to bloom but I know that eben during the summer I will be running my HPS light so it can go under that when it is budded up. I just couldn't resist the shape and color of the flowers.

Now I just need to fix the dent in my wallet, LOL!! This darn hobby! Not very cheap but very enjoyable. I also will say that I have yet too be dissapointed with Sonia's plumeria. 90% of the time her trees have been larger than what she describes, and same with her cuttings.

Enjoy the pics and sorry I am not smart enough to do the direct posts! LOL!


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Oh, my, Andrew! Time for a bigger place! In Florida!

Sonia does have some interesting varieties; my favorite is the one in her signature, which I think is Desert Sunrise. I've been tempted myself but I keep thinking about all 34 of my seedlings growing up in a couple of years and where the heck I'll be putting them in winter.

I'm really happy with the Leona Hoke that Carol at FCN recommended--she's already leafing out like crazy on two tips only a few days after shipping. J105 is just now starting to form some claws which tells me that I can probably expect later buds, if any. Things like growth rate and size, plus temperment are becoming more important selection criteria for me. I see some of my plants going to new homes soon, too, ones where they'll be the "only child" and get the space they'll need.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone...

Hi ANdrew....Havent checked out the new ones yet...but wanted to pop in and say hi first!!!

I cant wait untill i see your new additions...they sound wonderful...ill check them out soon....have errands to do but will look forward to seeing these beauties!!!

Hi Jen!!!

Take care everyone..

Have a great day!!!

Laura in VB

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slave2thefur(san diego - north coast)

Jackie is a really nice bloom, but you'll need heat to drive the shape.

Elsie bloomed late for me, so I put it in the GH to finish.

from my notes...

Elsie 3" rounded flowers of dark pink with lighter pink to white area. Petals round, heavily overlapping. Leaves: beautiful emerald green, broad oval. Compact growth habit. During development we called it the âÂÂpainted pinkâÂÂ, as when flowers are at their pink it looks like the colors were painted on. 3-4â flowers in good clusters. Excellent form and habit. Growth habit: semi-compact Scent: medium floral, Nice thick substance, fat buds and sturdy inflo stems. Stunning pink and white swirl strong sweet fragrance. Seedling of Penang Peach produces thick clusters of rounded flowers of dark pink, lighter pink and white, with a somewhat swirling effect. The tree is thick-branched, yet compact like her seed parent. The leaves even have the little ''hook' on the tip like Penang Peach. The fragrance is nicely sweet. This beauty was hybridized in Thailand and released in 2007. Good mixed of pink on the flowers, orange center, when the buds start to open, the color very intense pink then turn into nice pink when fully open, pink band on the back of petals. Love the strong bands of red and pink in the petals. Recommended. 3" Dark pink with lighter pink and white areas. Floral scent and heavy strong bloomer. Very thick leaves. A new compact variety of 3" overlapped flowers of red, dark pink and white. Penang Peach seedling. Very strong sweet fruity perfume. Non stop bloomer..super nice colors. Fairly mild floral scent. Retains strong pink color after picking. good growth habit, where as Daisy is not so compact and will get tips that seal over. About 3", good bloomer on shorter tips.

Jackie JJ: slow-growing and compact in nature, with very thick wood, and stunning, temple-shaped flowers that will vary in shape and even color with the season. Even its foliage is highly unique; wavy and corrugated. The flower (up to 4") is sort of a chameleon, varies in shape and color intensity by the season, but there's no mistaking the dense, wavy foliage. A slow grower with thick wood - this is one of a kind. Growth habit:: compact Scent:: light floral, fruity Peach scent..not super strong..but nice. Changes from one color to other color, start out with peachy blush on white petal then turn into yellow so you get multi-color in one bundle of flowers, nice textures, peachy red on the back of the petals. very heavy bloomer. Heat lover. one the the thickest branches I've seen ..blooms in nice big clusters and gets this beautiful pagoda shape blooms. Does require a little bit of heat to take this shape..but if your in a area that get in the 90's in the summer you should have no problem..

Here is a link that might be useful: Elsie

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Hello Slave,
The Jackie will be kept under my 600 watt HPS light when it is in bud and blooming. I ususally have temps in the mid to high 80's during the winter so I shouldn't havea problem. I am really excited about Elsie and all the others. Especially Thai Jenny and Thai Spyn.

Hey Laura,
Nice to here from ya. Please let me know what ya think okay?

Hi Jennifer,
IF you really think your going to need soem homes for some of your seedlings maybeI can help?


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