Can i start bring my plumeria outside?

shorjaiMarch 14, 2012

Hey everyone,

The weather is getting warmer now. High 60s and low 40s.. Can i start bring them out side or should i wait till April? I live in NYC area.



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Hey Leo- I would definitely wait til warmer temps- Plumeria do not like temps lower than 60*, as they are tropicals. Best wishes!

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Hello Everyone- new to the forum, to plumeria, gardening, etc. I have a tendency to be extreme so I am hoping you can answer the semi converse of this quetion for me. I have 3 rooted plants probably each 1-2 years old which spend all day outside on my hot deck, the question is whether or not I need to be bringing them inside everynight? I live in San Diego county, I have been bringing them inside nightly, we've been having cold nights (for SD) 45 degrees... but they spend the night upstairs in my bedroom, the heat kicks on so it gets a little dry. Would you drag them inside everynight?

Thank you all!

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All my plants stay outside. But I have too many to move daily. I live in north sd county. I do bring in my seedlings at night.

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