Some more pics

jimhardyJune 27, 2013

Some pics to add on....start small.

Little Larrick

Sabal McCurtain.
I did not heat this over winter(-4F),it was covered and did lose all its green
but is coming back very strong for a strappling!.


Hayes "stiffie" WagxFort cross?-Recovering well from spear-pull.

Empress Wu Hosta flower

Hesperaloe flowers..

Castor bean 20" biggest leaf and 20" tall.

Leaf size @28" for the Thai giant hopefully get some 4'+ this year..

Sequoia is loving all the rain and warmth.

Alocasia Nigra

I think this is Green Goblet

Picture from early morning as the sun shines on the Tricho,can you see
the color difference at the top where it is pushing new growth?
This thing has sucked up some serious water from close to 15"
of water the last 2 months...Drought busting rains are cactus busting rains.

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Looks great Jim, have you been getting this humidity. It's been like greenhouse here the last week. Mid 80s and dew points 65-70. I've seen everything of mine take off.

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For sure,one night only went down to 78F and dewpoints
were as high as 77F a day or two ago....the Castors and Thai giant
really respond,esp the Thai giant.
It had another leaf poking out as soon as the big one opened and that opened with a flower stalk.It is so uncomfortable for humans(high dewpoints) but the plants love it!

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Cool front moved in here yesterday. It's only supposed to be mid-70s next few days. Looks like we wont see 80s again until late next week. Great Lakes forecast this summer is below average temps. So far that has been the case.

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Your washy looks very lush! Seems to be doing well. You always have good luck with trachys too. Great cacti pics.

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Very nice pics Jim. You are starting to get some serious size on your palms now.

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Very nice pics. You have a colorful diversity of plants. You palms seen to recover from spear pull often.

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Thanks guys,the garden is humming right along now,just need some deep moisture/rainfall.

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