Avocado Tree Problem

FosterWMay 27, 2012

My avocado tree is being attacked. I'm not sure what is doing the attacking the only bugs I can find on the tree are really tiny ants. The leaves aren't really being eating. Its the trunk and the branches that are being affected. Any help on what could be causing this and anything I could do to solve the problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Image link:

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

too small a pic.. and not enough detail for me to see anything but some kind of mechanical injury ...

and would like to see the greater whole.. to see if there is a pattern.. because i see a bunch with no injury.. and two with injury ... any drunken frat parties in the last 6 to 8 months ...

which leads me.. somehow.. lol .. to when the actual injury occurred.. rather than when you noticed it ...

any kids in the area??


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Thanks Ken, I did have a previous problem with squirrels eating the baby avocado trees, but haven't seen them around the trees since. The worst area is on the tree about 6ft up. These trees are on a porch and no person bothers them. The other tree next to this one is perfectly healthy. Not sure what the problem could be. Here are some other pictures.

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