Best soil for a sago

nashwinter123June 23, 2008

Can anyone tell me the best soil mix for my potted sago.


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I don't know about the best, but I've always used Miracl-Gro potting mix and mine has been fine for several years now. Make sure you get the regular potting mix though, NOT the Moisture Control. The Moisture Control formula keeps things too wet. It never seems to dry out.

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no such thing as "best" need to figure out what works for your particular situation. This depends on many factors: temperatures, sun, wind, moisture, humidity, etc.

The same soil mix will result in a thriving plant for some folks, and a poor plant for others.

If you provide us with more details, you can receive a more thought out response.

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I don't know if you seen the pic. of it before but I'll show it again. I live in CT so it gets a nice hot summer and starting this year it gets to go in my heated greenhouse in the winter. I'm planning on keeping it in the same pot because i found there is still plenty of room that it can spread it's roots. I just want a dryer better soil mix for it. The current soil stays wet and I think thats the reason it's yellowing.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Do a search for Cycad potting mixes and you will come up with all sorts,
link below is to a few.

Any good off the shelf potting mix with at least 30% Perlite added is a good start (I am partial to the Sta-Green container mix)


Here is a link that might be useful: Cycad Potting Mixes

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I found for my situation miracle grow peat based soils stay TOOOO wet and tend to have some form of fungus or rot eventually. I found that miracle grow orchid mix is AMAZING!! no fungus no rot perfect for me. My palms and cycads love this stuff.

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I was reading a post about bottle palm soil. Would that work for this to??

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All my Cycads (I have about 12 or 14 varieties) are potted in 2/3 Turface, 1/3 perlite with granular fertilizers.

I can water multiple times daily with no fear of overwatering because of the outstanding porosity and aeration. I can forget to water for a few days with no fear of root desiccation because of the powerful water retention properties of the Turface. Nutrients bind very well. Little to no degradation since nothing is organic.

I'm quite pleased.

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