What is a 'grafted' plumeria?

christy2828(8a)March 26, 2008

I'm still looking around for a dwarf plumeria, and I've noticed that sometimes they are called 'grafted.' What does that mean? That they grafted one tree onto another? And to what advantage, or disadvantage is that? This is where I saw 'grafted' last. Thanks :) Christy

Here is a link that might be useful: Ebay Dwarf Plumeria

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Plumerias usually come in cuttings that are about 12-20" long. To start them takes several months and in the rooting process the cutting can rot if conditions are not carefully followed. Rare cuttings or cuttings that are hard to root are often cut and grafted onto established root stock or young seedlings that are already rooted. For example a rare red might be grafted onto a common white rooted plant. Grafting is not that easy. One of the problems is that plants grow at different rates so sometimes after several years your grafted plant might have a larger base with a smaller stem growing from the graft. Good grafters try to match the plants if possible. Also, a good grafter can cut up a 15" cutting into 5 parts and graft all five onto five new plants .Flowering is delayed in the center cut parts by a year but in the case of a rare cutting that can be a small cost for 5 new rare
plants. Bill

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irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)

Wow, this is very complex. (to my overworked brain anyway:-) I'm wondering, will a non-grafted plumeria flower quicker than a grafted plumeria?

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

If the tip of the cutting or most of the cutting is grafted on a seedling or already rooted plant, then it can get to the business of flowering instead of putting energy into rooting. However, a cutting can start flowering at any time, which when rooting is not a good thing since it takes energy away from root making. I would say that in a large number of samples, the grafted plant would flower earlier. But that is not why people graft. And some are very good at grafting and others kill everything they graft- so it is a tricky skill. I know a number of good grafters but I have done very little since I do not have a greenhouse to create ideal conditions. Perhaps someone else who grafts often has some comments. Bill

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Hi Christy,

You want to obtain small plumeria plants, so IÂve compiled a list for you. The dwarf list was cribbed from the Jim Little Nursery newsletter. The short cultivars list was cribbed from the Florida Colors newsletter. Many of these varieties are available at either nursery. Florida Colors sells all of their varieties as grafted plants; some are also available as cuttings. Jim Little Nursery sells cuttings only.


Dwarf Cultivars

Dwarf Deciduous, White
Dwarf Deciduous, Yellow
Dwarf Grace, Cream
Dwarf Richard Riley, Rainbow
Dwarf Singapore Pink
Dwarf Singapore White
Simi-Dwarf Singapore Yellow "Keane"

Short Cultivars

Carol H.
Christina B.
Intense Rainbow
Lilly Warmtoes
Marion B
Maui Beauty
Mele Pa Bowman
Musk Rainbow
My Valentine
Nadine Barr
Plumeria Stenopetala
Penang Peach
Petite Prince
Sherry Pink
Tex Huestis
Thai Orange

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Thank you so much!!! I've seen 'true' dwarf in a few places, thanks for compiling a list for me. Thanks also for the grafting info!! Christy :)

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Nice list Phillip. Possible exceptions: I have a Marion B that is quite large and also an Intense Rainbow and a Pops (each over 7'). May just be the plants are happy. Also two of my My Valentines seem to be growing at a normal rate. The rest on the list seem to be short versions. I also have a Samoan Fluff that is very compact and a JL Pink Pansy too. Bill

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I went to Florida Colors today and bought a Dwarf Singapore Pink. It looks lovely :) I bought a grafted one, I assume that means rooted, right? Hopefully so!!! Thanks again :) Christy

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Christy you will love the Dwarf Singapore Pink. I have one growing on its own roots and can tell you this one is a winner. If you were able to plant it in the ground in Hawaii and gave it the optimum conditions for its happiness, it would take it ten years to reach 5 feet tall. At least thatÂs what IÂve read. It should stay small in a pot for many years. Grafted does mean that it has roots.

Most of the cultivars on my small list are listed in the newsletter as small. Marion B, Intense Rainbow, Pops, and My Valentine are listed as small-medium, which I took to mean when grown under the best possible conditions they could cross over into the medium category. Petite Prince is listed in the newsletter as small, but on the website is described as a dwarf.


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Exampel of grafted Plumerias. The two "V" shaped grafts are made in Thailand, one of them is a dwarf and the "\" graft in the middle of the photos is made in the US. Just like grafting fruit trees there are different ways to do it, it will work fine if you are carefull and have a little luck.


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This question may seem like a dumb one but....
If a branch or tip breaks off a plant, can it be grafted back onto the plant where it broke off?

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

If you get it right back on the plant, the graft is easy. If it dries, it can be grafted using regular methods but I am not an expert grafter and have had my share of failures in this area. Bill

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Thanks Bill. I'm new to growing these plants so I try to soak up all the information I can get.

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What do you stick the two pieces together with? I know, a newbie question :-)

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Below is a link to Luc's grafting presentation. The last several pictures (77-86) are worth a few hundred words or so...He has done thousands of these.


Here is a link that might be useful: grafting presentation

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