55 gallon plastic drums make great planters

palmmandanJune 29, 2009

Had to dig up my Windmill this spring when I thought it was deceased.

Had hope it was still alive so went to the local Home Depot to find a pot. The largest I could find was a 24". It was only $20. And was cheap thin plastic. Was not going to worry cause I thought the tree was dead.

The big problem with the HD pot was it was tapered quite a bit. Was probably 14" at the base. The root ball barely fit and the pot was a tip hazard after I stuck the 4.5 foot trunk into the pot. Tree sat in that pot for about 45 days. Well 2 weeks ago green started to come out the top. Grew about 6 inches in 2 weeks. We had a bad storm last week and the wind knocked it over but did no damage to the Tree since it was leaning on the house. Started to look for alternatives for a new pot. Something big enough that was cheap was not found online or in the area. Driving by a carwash I saw an empty 55 gallon drum that had soap in it. Bought it for $10. Took it home cut it in half and drilled drain holes and washed it out. Transplanted the tree into the drum. It fit nicely and is less of a tip hazard. Going to make a grass skirt for it for looks.

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orchiddude(+7b ALabama)

Those are great until you need a 30 or 35 gallon pot. There are some places online that sell big black hard plastic pots. I had a pot company that had some 35 gallon stuff but have lost the address. Also, if you know any farmers, they buy cow feed in big pots that are 26 gallons. These work great also. Drill a few holes and it works great. I use these right now. I tried to get the company that made the pots to sell me some directly, but they would only sell me a trailor truck load, just about 10,000 pots. Dont need that many.

You have to really get creative when using working with big pots, not many people doing it. It works great though.

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