I've got 2 bug issues need some input

CentralCADad(9)May 11, 2014

I have one section w/ aphids tried soap spray from nursery plants didn't like it & it didn't work, next lady bugs only a few stuck around not in garden but in yard. Have praying mantis just starting to hatch but I don't give that as going to be the solution either?any insight? Next the other garden area is having my Brussel sprout and beets leaves being eaten In The middle of the leaves, so I thought slugs/snails checked at night found nothing no catapillers either. I have snail pellets but I don't want it anywhere my garden my family eats that stuff.help next the tops of my corn staks are being snapped off. I saw a blue bird In there the other day is this bird breaking off my corn stak tops?

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Insecticidal soap *does* work if sprayed directly onto the aphids.
That said,aphids will "come back" if You miss a few. Tis because the leftovers generate pregnant babies. (No mating needed during the growing season.)

The problem with your leafy stuff could be leafminers. So please post pictures.

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Thanks. I'm starting to notice so e deformity in the growth of the new leave at the top of the tomatoe plants, I'll try the soap again, thanks for the input and advice, I'll post another picture after this one..

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Here the next pick, is it the blue bird breaking off the tops of my corn? The plastic owl must not be working

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

there is corn in the pic above??? .. perhaps you loaded the wrong pic??? ... i have a weed called dock that looks like that ...

aphids can be sprayed off with plain water ...

if you want to go wholly organic.. do not be upset with a little leaf damage ... the pic above.. isnt all that bad.. if it has stopped.. and you figure that out.. by watching newly emerging leaves.. and whether they are damaged .. if not.. then your first cure worked ...

you have to understand.. that spraying.. curing.. is not going to make the holes disappear.. and you have to figure out if one cure worked.. before you go piling them on..

as to the first pic.. i would be looking for small caterpillers/worms.. on the reverse.. of the exact same color as the plant .. they are after all.. what they eat ... see link ... if you find them.. squish them and be done with it ... no need for sprays etc ... lift them out with a stick.. and put them on the ground.. and squish them.. the brave do it with their fingers.. [and keep looking for them, if the new growth is munched on]

and realize.. aphids are suckers.. they are not chewers .. so you need to zoom in on what your damage is.. rather than some particular bug ...


ps: the bird could have beat you to the luscious worm ... after all.. they are what they eat.. lol ...

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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I didn't add the corn pic because it was understandable from description . Thanks for they advice. The aphids are on the side of the house in tomato garden. I haven't treated the main garden w/ anything yet, tips? I have tried the store soap spray lady bugs mantises water but they keep coming back. What should I try for the whole eaters? I know they won't repair them selves but I want 2 stop any more attacks on them. Thanks for the input

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