Requesting help with date palm questions

lotsoyardworkJune 5, 2012

I have two date palms in my backyard that came with the house. I would like to find out if someone on here is knowledgeable enough to answer the following questions:

How old are the trees?

Do I have a male? I know for sure I have one female, but I suspect the 2nd one is a male.

How can I get the dates to riping to be edible?

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Here is clickable link to album.

Here is a link that might be useful: Date Palm Pics

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I figured out to add the pics directly to the post.

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You have 2 canary island palms & it does look like u have a male & female but it's not the edible date palm ur thinking of, that's a Phoenix dactylifera( true date palm) sorry! Still very nice palms. I would put them in the 8-12 year range for AZ climate.

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Damn! Oh well. Looks nice regardless.

Thanks for the info.

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