Baby rubber plant sick

wpark2419May 6, 2014

I have a baby rubber plant that was outgrowing it's pot so I repotted it. About 2 weeks later I noticed there's brown spots/blotches on some of the leaves and a few of them have fallen off. The plant has always been healthy and nothing has changed other than being repotted. The brown is spreading to other leaves now too, but the bottom of them are just green. The brown parts are slightly indented as well. Anyone know what it is or what I can do?

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An additional photo

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

how does the newest.. freshest leaves and growth look??

if its just fine.. then its just transplant stress ...

water properly ...

check in the houseplant forum to see if any of those gurus have a different opinion ...


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Theres a couple tiny leaves just starting to open. I'll keep checking them and hopefully they stay green and healthy. I also posted in the houseplants forum but wasn't getting any help. Thanks!!

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