Fruitsalad - name or 'category'

becks3082March 13, 2013

Hey Plumi lovers!

Does anyone know if fruitsalad is a 'name' or 'class/group' of plumeria?

I was told by one distributor that there are many different 'types' of fruitsalad plumeria (indicating many plumeria fell under this group) and that it did not refer to a specific plumeria.

Though I often see postings for what appear to be a single named plumeria, I have also seen sites with multiple different plants labeled as fruitsalad with additional qualifiers in brackets following the name....thus I was curious.

I had this plumeria on my list of plumeria i was seeking, but now am confused. Many offer a plumeria labeled simply Fruitsalad. I have seen others listed as JL Fruitsalad (was fruit salad originally Jim's or are these different?).. also florida colors offers varieties called fruitsalad darryl and fruitsalad caboulture.

So.... share your plumi wisdom and educate me!


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Texas Plumeria used to have a "Fruit Salad" that, in the photo, seemed darker and they had named it "Darker Fruit Salad". FC is selling a "Fruit Salad Caboulture" (OZ) that appears to be a bit different as well as another FC named "Fruit Salad Darryl".

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I also recall seeing something, possibly on BBB that said something about Fruit Salad types not setting seed often - so I think it must be a type as you stated but I'm not sure what makes it so.

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Thanks for the replies!

@Plumygirl - I had noticed many of those different flowers you mentioned also. That is part of what confused me! They didn't seem any more similar than many plumerias not referenced as fruitsalad; but no information was provided indicating it was anything other than a name (or multiple with similar names)

@Elucas101 - funny you mention reading it on the BBB site, because that is actually where we were told it was a category of plumeria. If they are a 'type' I wonder what makes then different... They don't appear different to me, so perhaps its something with their growing habits. I'll have to ask brad when we visit BBB this spring.

Thanks again!

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