majesty plam looking ruff any ideas to help it

mike48073June 16, 2014

I love this palm ive try'ed switching water I was useing my tap and I live in the city and we have hard water so I switched to distilled I soak it draind it and its still not looking like its getting better I also put rocks in the bottem to help drain it and I water 2 time a week sometimes 3 when the top inch and a half is dry but I never let it dry out all the way

in the pic there are more yellow and brown spots on yhe other side

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jaynboro(7 TN)

I've found that mine does best if placed in standing water. Such as an oversized plant tray or similar. Or if you have a fish pond you can sit it in the shallow end as long as the pot is only half submerged. (You will need to occasionally dump the tray and add fresh water when you see mosquito larvae swimming around). Mine gets taken out of constant water for winter time and it does seem to decline some but in spring I put it back in constant "wet feet" conditions and it really takes off.
Hope this works for you too. :)

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