Some cold hardy palms,favorite son,etc

jimhardyJune 25, 2013

Little Cerifera growing right along...midget cousin behind him

Favorite child...

Castors are a fourth the size of last years at this time but 10x bigger than 2 weeks ago!

Really do enjoy Waggie leaves..

These little guys overwintered in the Cactus enclosure and came back...

Not even July and this Cereus has about 4" on so far.

Generic Yucca


bare with me for a second...

..and some fireworks since we are getting close-

Thanks for visiting the garden!

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Very nice pics Jim..I MUST get a princep. everytime I go to order one I end up ordering somthing else..if you ever need to thin out that patch of dunax cane let me know we might work a trade for a bit..

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Very nice Jim. love how colorful your princep is. Mine is in a bit more shade. Usually a good thing for trachys, but not sure about these. Your waggies are coming along nicely also. Really want to get a larger one.

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would be happy to trade with you.



The Princeps has really greened up,partly because
its not so brutally hot this year as last and it has a better root system.

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