Hey Jay, Is that a mirage?

soonergrandmomJuly 21, 2011

The Mesonet map sure makes it look like it is raining at your house. Is it true, or is that just another mirage formed by the excessive heat?

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It split again. One went north and one just south of me by a mile or so. We are getting some light rain and enough lightning that I finally gave up and came inside. Got the watering that had to be done finished. Was planning on doing some final planting but that will have to wait till this weekend. Jay

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Carol, Somehow I just knew Jay was gonna be in the doughnut hole on this storm.

Jay, Any rain is good, but it sure seems determined not to fall on your garden.

Lately down here in southern OK, our rainstorms have been mostly dry storms with lightning that is starting fires. I hope your lightning there doesn't start any fires tonight.


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