Seedlings not growing...

emileeg(DFW, TX)March 26, 2011

I started my bell pepper seedlings about a month and a half ago... They sprouted beautifully, and they seem to love my sunny windowsill where I have them.

The problem? It's been about two or three weeks, and they don't appear to have grown ANY. They still look healthy, they're just... TINY! No death, no mold, no fungus, no yellowing, no leaf-loss... it's like they're just frozen in time.

They were started in one of the plastic greenhouses. I took the lid off as soon as they sprouted. They outgrew their little peat pellets, so I transplanted them into beat pots with seed starting mix. I keep them well-watered. They've been living in a nice, warm, sunny south-facing windowsill.

Did I do something wrong? I'm kind of afraid to set them out in the garden since they're so tiny... I'm considering just tossing them and getting transplants :(

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Patience, they'll come along as the season progresses.

Also, transplanting/re-potting will often "stall" the growth for what seems a couple weeks.
Truly, the seedlings are probably growing roots, which will then provide energy for foliage.

In addition, without supplemental light, they simply won't grow as fast (until solar values increase).

So again, Patience ;-)


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