My first-ever tomato!

nowyousedum(7a)July 15, 2014

What fun! Waiting for the family to get home so we can share this tomato. Don't laugh, but there are twelve of us. It will be very thin slices, lol!

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AmyinOwasso/zone 6b(6b)


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Lol. Good job. I remember years back my first tomato I watched that thing like a hawk and thought it would never get ripe.

In the center of the table lay one single perfect ripe, homegrown, exquisitely thin sliced tomato; the first of the season. The 12 family members setting around the table eyeing it hungrily. A storm was blowing outside and caused the lights to suddenly flicker out . In the momentary darkness someone let out a loud scream. After a few minutes the lights came back on and poor Uncle Elmer had 11 forks stuck in the back of his hand. :^)

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Congratulations! I hope you get many, many more. Fresh tomatoes are one of the great joys of summer.

I always do save the first slicing or beefsteak type tomato to share with my husband, who invariably is at work when I harvest it. Since he works evenings, that means we cannot eat it until the next day....which nearly kills me. The small cherry tomatoes though? Whoever finds them gets to eat them, and generally right there in the garden.

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That is a beautiful tomato!
I have tried one of every kind I have come across, sadly still not a fan of raw ones but I enjoy the thrill of growing them just the same. Enjoy!

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Nowyousedum, that is a nice tomato, I can feel your excitement.

I would like to share a happy story with you now. My wife is 75 years old and has never started a tomato seed until this year. I had told her that I would just buy plants this year because of the hassle of seed starting. Without me knowing it, she ordered some seed and placed them in our kitchen window. I noticed some plants were coming up and getting way too tall, and I ask her what they were. She told me that she wanted to grow some big ones like Mama use to grow. I told her she was going to loose them if she did not do something with them. She ask me if I would care for them for her, which I did. Her plants were smaller that the ones I bought but I potted them up and put them under the lights. I wanted to take very good care of them because she has never had much luck with starting any kind of seeds.

The tomato plants grew very well, and around the second week of may I planted her, her very own row of tomatoes in a different garden than where I have my tomatoes planted.

My wife has ask about her plants several times, and even gone out to check them herself ( not often enough). Today I brought in some of her tomatoes and told her that she had missed a few. I think that now she can say that she has grown some "Big ones like Mama grew".

I want you to see what a mess that old woman has created with her tomato seeds. I bet I know someone that is going to order seeds again next year.


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sorie6(6b ok.)

What a nice hubby you are!! Tomatoes look great.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Larry, What a lovely story about your wife and her tomatoes. I agree she certainly did grow some big ones like her mama used to grow.

If she doesn't mind the hassle of seed starting, maybe she can raise the seedlings indoors to a certain size from now on, and then you can take over from that point and transplant them out and care for them. That's a nice division of labor and a true partnership.


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Those are two great stories!


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Sliced up some today.
Aunt ruby german green, cherokee chocolate, lemon boy, and one red variety. For some reason after I posted the pictures the other day I couldn't reply or make any posts.

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Larry that is such a sweet story and I bet she does get more seeds for next year!
Those are sure some nice looking tomatoes too.
I let the neighbor kids come and pick the garden yesterday and the 7 year old boy who does not even eat veggies said "thank you so much miss kim we really appreciate all this good stuff"
maybe just maybe I have a convert too!

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Robert, There is some sort of thing GW does that, once a person posts a certain number of consecutive photos, the system thinks you might be a spammer and blocks you for a day or two. Dorothy (Mulberryknob) just had that happen to her a short while ago....maybe a couple of weeks ago.

The tomatoes look great.

Kim, That's another great story. I have found that kids who generally think the only veggies work eating are melons, potatoes and corn often will eat almost anything that comes out of a local garden. It is amazing how much they will at least try merely because they know the person who grew it.

Convert them to eating good, fresh food early and their bodies will crave it. Ultimately, they'll tend to become gardeners because they want to have that great, fresh flavor of well-grown, home-grown veggies and fruits.


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I hope he least tries some. Big brother is my helper and he eats everything raw cooked however. but Z he is like daddy. we picked tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, green and purple beans.

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Congratulations, nowyouseedum!! That is just so awesome. And the visuals of all these people gathered around one (very beautiful) tomato is priceless. Thanks for sharing the joy.


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