bird pepper plants from seed, tips?

abacoianMarch 10, 2008

I haven't had any success germinating any yet? I planted them in potting soil and put them outside. Should the temperature be warm for best results? I'm in Florida so it's usually warm but some nights this winter have been chilly.

And I read that if I do get a tree I should plant it in partail shade, would it be the same for germination or should I leave it in the sun until it propogates?

And does this type of seed need alot of water or just a few times a week?

I greatly appreciate your help

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I would germinate them inside and keep them warm.

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sir_lurksalot(10a Ca.)

Tuff plant to get to sprout, I've had best luck just forgetting about them and keep them with the rest of the plants while watering. After a month you might see some thing, or try the tea solution. Maybe some of those brain guys can chime in on this, but I think Tepines are one of those seeds that like to go through a birds digestive system to sprout?

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Tepins germinate in about the same time and at about the same rate as any other chile seed. Give them bottom heat at 80-85F.

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i've had mine on a heating pad 1 week,no result...but my thais,naga jolokia,and thanks to pepper rancher my lemon drops are off to the races!

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donandsara(NE OH z6)

Last year, I had "Wild Bird" seed from Fiedlermeister. I was out of room in the trays and just put 6 seeds in a small plastic container. I don't remember if I soaked 'em or not. I did get one very healthy plant, over 2' tall, with loads of tiny tasty hot peppers.

I recommend germinating inside on a heat mat.

I still have 8 seeds left, will share half (4) if you want em. email me @

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