Fungus? Or something else?

patioplants(9)May 3, 2013

Hello! I live in SE Louisiana and am growing some plants in containers outside, just for your reference.

This morning I was picking some pests off my plants (ugh, another story!) and noticed some of these pink spheres in the soil. This picture shows the ones in my thyme/oregano container. I also saw some in my tomato plants, but those were brown. I was able to "pop" them and pink/brown goo came out. Anyone know what these are, and how to get rid of them? Is it bad for my plants? I couldn't find too much info online, I guess my search is too vague.

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Forgot to attach the picture!

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They look like grub eggs. Nothing to worry about, if that's what they are.

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Are you sure it isn't just old osmocote? See link.

Here is a link that might be useful: osmocote

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Grub eggs don't look like that.
Mushrooms don't squish.
Osmocote and other similar slow-release fertilizers do squish when you crush them.

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