When do we water the Plumies?

No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)March 1, 2013


I hope everyone is doing well and their plumerias are doing great! Mine are not showing any signs of waking up yet. But the weather has been warm the last two days so I moved them from the covered patio into the warm sun. They get morning sun from 9am-1pm.

So now I'm now wondering if I should give them some water? Fertilizer? Or leave them alone? What are you all doing?

Thank you!

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Hi No Clue...I am in Ventura and started watering mine just 1 cup or so about 2 weeks ago since we have had no rain and they are starting to push at the tips. I have put out a bit of epson salt on the top soil since the forecast is rain for Wednesday...I used to fertilize to soon...I learned to wait till they have leaves...roxanne

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Lynn,

I have given my trees that are still inside some water.

They didn't get soaked, but i gave them enought to have a nice drink. Mine are pushing a few small leaves and are showing sign of becoming active again.

It won't hurt your trees to give them some water... especially if it has been awhile since they recieved a drink. You are in a warmer climate then here in VB, so i would feel comfortable watering the trees in your area.

Remember that it isn't the water that hurts them, it is how much water that stands in the containers that helps with root rot.

Some give their trees some Epsom Salts diluted in water and some sprinkle on top of the soil line. I have Mg in my fetilizer and i give them a diluted amount of fertilizer now. Then when they are fully active, i give full strength.

Everyone has theirs ways of giving fertilizer, the best advice would be to make sure the soil is moist before you do give fertilizer during the growing season to prevent burning the roots.

Give them some water... i bet they will be happy campers!!!

If it makes you feel better, give them water and let them dry out like always before you give them water again.

You will probably see some increase activity when you give them water... it is like telling them it is ok to wake up!!

It is not going to hurt your trees at this point.. so go for it!!

Take care,


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I would say its OK to water lightly over the next 2-3 weeks. I will not fertilize for a few more weeks. Maybe the end of March.

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Lynn, my experience has been that any healthy, well-rooted plumeria will tolerate, and may benefit from, some watering over winter. The only ones I've ever lost were those few that were just barely rooted and may not have been in the best soil mix.

I caught my mom thoroughly watering several of mine over Christmas, even those without any leaves or claws, and they're all fine. (About a third of my collection are leafing out now.)

BUT, when in doubt, wait a week to water. :)

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I've been watering mine over the winter when they show shines of thirst (slight wrinkles) and so far like Jandey said the ones that are well rooted have been doing fine. But of course I just give them half a glass (warm water) at a time though just to be cautious but yet only two of mine ever went dormant (due to that I sat them in a dark warm furnace room).

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Oh dear I have not given any of them a drop of water since November! Maybe that's why they are still sleeping? Oopsie daisy. I will run out to give them a drink now. Probably not going to soak them through yet right? And no fertilizer until end of March.

I need to get a hose. Does anyone have this? If so do you like?

Thank you so much! You guys rock!

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Oh, dear - I haven't watered mine at all this winter, either! We are supposed to have lows in the 50's for the next ten days - should I give them a good drink? They are all in pots in my Florida room, which is encased in heavy plastic.

Laura - help!!!

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Andrew Scott

Hi ladies,
I wouldn't recommend soaking your trees until you start seeing more growth. I only like to give my trees a small amount of water when my trees are dormant. Just enough to keep them from looking dessicated. With 1 gal trees, I give most of them about a half cup of water. I also don't recommend fertilizing until you see that the claws are growing or if you have inflos forming.

I'm sure Laura will respond here when she has the chance. She has a lot of great knowledge when it comes to plumeria care, and she has taught me a lot along with many others here. Good luck to you both.

One last tip. When it comes to watering, if your not sure how much to give your plumeria, it is best to give them to little instead of too much. If you give them too little, the trees may just start wrinkling up on you, where as if you give them too much water, your trees can rot on you! I have seen it happen myself!


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Everyone,

Thanks Andrew... You are so kind!!!

Kay.. I would give yours a little water to make sure they have some moisture. Some people don't give any during the winter dormancy period, but i also am one who gives my trees a little during the winter. I don't soak my trees either, but i do give them enough to keep the roots happy and healthy. Remember that they are living trees.. Even Dormant trees in the wild receive rain naturally, even in Hawaii they receive rain water when they are in a natural dormant period. They will do fine with a little bit of water. If your temps don't go below 45 * then i wouldn't worry about watering them at all. Like Andrew mentioned, just a little per container... you are in Florida and everyone has a different enviroment and places that they keep their trees for the winter. If your trees are becoming active i would give them at least a cup per one gallon container to be on the safe side. You dont want to give them a drenching and then have the temps get to cold. i would give them some water and not worry about it at all. Spring is around the corner and they would really enjoy a drink at this point. That is my opinion.. some believe that they don't need any at all.. but why not give them a taste and see the response you will receive. I think you will be surprised. My trees have really appreciated the taste of water in the last week or so and they have actually started greening ( tips) up and leaves are starting to form again.

Just enjoy them and don't over water until you have warmer temps. I would give them water during the warm part of the day and feel good about it. No worries!!!

Oh.. you are more than welcome! ;-)

Take care,


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IF I bring any in they get stuck in a dark corner until I find them then out into the yard and watered with everything else. But I didn't bring a one in but some seedlings and they have been out for weeks. I never quit watering cause they never went dormant this year. A few in the backyard did but they still got watered with the yard and when it rained. Of course, I am not the worlds best at watering anything. Fertilization starts Monday, even the pecan tree is starting to bloom.

Nothing gets babied at this house, live or die!
Tally HO!

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In my opinion, watering won't hurt them if they have a strong root system. It's the newly rooted ones that are 1-2 years old you should worry about. they will be subject to root rot. I learned from experience, sad to say.

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