Shumard Oak disease

houstonpat(9a)May 3, 2013

I planted several 30 gallon Shumard Oaks last spring both at work and at home near Houston, TX. By mid summer I noticed the trunks looking like the upper photo. I have treated them with Aluminum tris (O-ethyl phosphonate) 80% AKA Phosphite. They now look like the lower photo or worse.
Does anyone know what disease is at work here and what the prognosis for these trees are?

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Have you talked with the people at your local office of the Texas A & M Cooperative Extension Service? If not they are in the best position to answer your questions.

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Reply on another site diagnosis is "Slime Flux". More of a symptom than outright cause. Consan, available to the public, is recommended to treat these symptoms. And of course, maintaining very good growing conditions reduce the causes of several injuries to the bark that set up conditions favorable to slime flux. In my case, "sun scald" may have been the original injury.

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