Pepper plants from last year

crimsontide92(8)March 2, 2012

OK, so i got lazy last year after the growing season and did not transplant any of my pepper plants into pots for bringing inside. We did not have a very cold winter here (Deep South Alabama)so i thought they would survive out in the garden. My question is, do yall think they will come back this year if i start to re fertilize the soil? I am going to increase my plants this year, but i wanted to know if i should yank the old plants out and start anew, or leave them be and see if they come back? Thoughts?

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you might be all right but the tricky part is how long to wait to see??? i'm in the phoenix az area and we only had 1 really good freeze here thise year which wiped out all my peppers on the first week of december so i waited till about mid january to see if they would resprout then i got impatient and pulled then all up to get ready for my spring garden which here in phx starts about the secodn week of feb. just the other day i notice some of the other peoples pepper plants are resprouting for the bottom and i'm regreting my decision.

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well thats encouraging to hear. We also only had just a few nights of temps in the 30's. I did notice only one of my bhut plants what looks like green sprouts on the bottom coming out, so hopefully that one will make it. The others arent looking so hot. I may wait another few weeks, and then decide. Thanks for the info.

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esox07 (4b)

crimsontide: another member on this list: Greenman28 posted once that he had a pepper in a container in his garage over winter and it got below freezing several times. The plant came back the following spring even though it looked completely dead. He also stated a couple times that the tops may die off but as long as the roots dont freeze up, they will likely regrow the following spring once conditions improve enough. He is quite knowledgable on growing peppers so I would give your plants some time to come back before yanking them. They will likely give you a big head start over starting from seeds.

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yep just prune them back and wait then u should be ok

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thank yall for the info. Bruce, i will for sure wait and see if they do come back. I will keep yall up to date as to what i discover as time goes on. Thank yall again.

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What part of L.A. are you from, crimsontide? I'm originally from that area myself, and have a LOT of hookups for free and and very cheap plants at several nurseries.

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Oystereater, i am from Mobile. Live in West Mobile actually. What part are you from? I can always use a hookup!!

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Lol, now I know I'm dealing with a true southerner, as only they know that L.A. stand for Lower Alabama! I was born in mobile, Lived in Theodore. I'll call my buddies this weekend (been too long since I talked to them anyways) and see what all they have this year. and FYI, the flea market off shillinger road always has a great selection of hot ornamentals, which was the only way my better half would let me grow 'em on the front porch.

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awesome. havent been to flea market in forever. Need to get out there. Where you living now?

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