update on Nannorhops

lzrddr(91360)June 9, 2011

While I'm posting palm photos from my yard, here is another palm I often forget about (another slow one, though much faster than the Serenoas). Nannorhops was planted as a small one gal about 6 years ago. Now about 3' tall. IN a tough spot, too, at the very end of both hose's watering range, so I often don't get this one watered... truly a very drought tolerant plant.

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Beautiful palm! I love that trunk! I saw some very nice ones at the San Diego zoo. They are great palms for Southern California! I have heard that these palms are almost painfully slow growing, but yours seems to be pretty fast considering that it is a Nannorhops!

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Great palm I tried some seedling before but they all died on me

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