Uh oh... Im worried sombody please help!!

Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)June 22, 2011

I asked the guy who sent my my coconut palm when I would notice some new growth. He said to dig the coconut out of the soil and check the roots and if any of them had a white tip it was still growing. Well I dug around it a little bit and then I just pulled it out. I saw a little white root that looked like it just came out. But when I went to put it back in a long root fell of. Im afraid that I could have hurt the tree and Im really worried. I hope its ok. Here is a picture.

Please help me! Thank you.

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That is a pretty big root so it could set it back a little bit. I dont think it will kill it keeping in mind how much abuse coconut palms take in their native enviorment (many young coconut plants are just floating along in the ocean, and then the ones that do land on a beach, still have hurricanes and tropical storms to worry about)!
Coconut palms take a while to grow in cooler climates (temperatures have a big part, as well as the strength of the sun and the humidity). I didnt notice any new growth coming up on my coconut palm last year until this time of the year. Fortunately its been a lot better this year with growth, but it does not grow its best until July and August.

Fertilize it, give it sun and water, and make sure it stays happy. You might see some fronds get a little yellow because of the root damage, but it should be okay.

A major thing that will determine if your coconut palm will be okay is where the root fell off from. If you got it from the edge of the pot, then it might not be as big of a problem as if it came from right below the coconut. Either way, any root damage to a palm isnt a good thing so definitely keep an eye on it.

Palms and gardening in general takes a ton of patience. I dont have a lot of patience which is why sometimes my plants frustrate me, but then when I see how much they reward me by the end of the year, I realize that all the waiting was worthwhile. Their are so many plants that I thought were dead, but grew back just fine! It took some time, but it was worth the wait!

Good luck! Hope it stays strong for you!

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Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)

Thanks, I think it was the bottom of the coconut. D: How long before I may notice yellowing?

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If the roots are damaged I would not fertilize it.

Try some root stimulator.

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Yeah, coconut palms can take along time to show any sign of growth. Mine took a few weeks to a month to start growing depending on time of year. The ones I got in winter took almost a month with low lighting and temps, they did not start to really grow until just before winter. The one I got during late spring took off really fast, within a week that I got it it already pulled up a spear. I planted her in the ground 3 days after I got her too. Of course though it was in the 90f's with low 60fs at night.
I think the palm will be fine, just keep an eye on her make sure you water her right. They are very tough palms but are fussy when it comes to their roots. Try to disturb them as little as possible. I do not know if you know this but try not to water in winter, only water if you have to and water very little. Be sure to take her outside and leave her out in summer. But start off in shade and work your way into direct sun light slowly. She will recover sooner with the warmer temps outside.
Good luck and keep us updated :)

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I think it'll be fine. Palms aren't all that difficult. Be patient and stop digging them up. LOL. They don't like it.

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Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)

LOL Yeah I felt a little funny about it when I did it because my coconut palm is my pride and joy lol.

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Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)

@ us marine: Im keeping it outside and I think it likes it. Thanks for the advice.

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

It probably will be fine. Lesson learned? NEVER dig up a palm to check its roots??? That has to be the silliest advice I ever heard. And you did it??? Why risk killing your palms? Since we are still in the warm season it will recover I bet. If you live in a tropical climate, that sort of check may be OK but not recommended because its a natural habitat. But not when growing a coconut in colder zones.

If something doesn't sound right, double check before acting on poor information before you make a bigger mistake.

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Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)

Haha Thanks for the peptalk. I have learned my lesson. I guess I thought since he was the expert Id do what he says. I wont do that again.

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Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)

1 more thing: Can the coconut rot? After I let it sit out in the rain the coconut seems a bit softer.

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Eventually the coconut will rot away and break apart as the tree gets bigger.

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

I hear you Hunter, some people think they are experts b/c of some experience, but require a stronger education.

Yeah, cocnuts like to be wet but not water logged or too wet in cool weather below 55.

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Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)

Thank you Greg!

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