Thistle - or 'Devil Weed' aka Bull Nettles

p_mac(7)July 29, 2009

Does anybody have ANY ideas that would work to kill this HORRIBLE weeds? My DH calls them Devil Weeds. We've tried drilling with a sharp pole to bust up the tuber, then followed with a heavy dose of straight Roundup. We've tried digging them up. We've tried brush killer. Any ideas?

My anger and frustration came tonite. I was so focused on picking this perfectly formed, red, ripe tomatoe I didn't even see the leaves. Guess there's an upside - this plants foliage hasn't been eaten by the Fungus, but STILL!!! I scrubbed with acne cleanser and a brush, followed by Walmart version of SeaBreeze so the pain is gone, but the whelps endure....and itch a bit.

Any body else got any ides? Thanks!


And the Varmints got two of our cantelopes while we were staking up the young roma's! The chew marks were too fresh and didn't even have ants yet! DH is out staking down the deer netting by the light of our security light not too far from the garden. It's either rabbits (DH has been target practicing because there are SO many) or squirrels. How can they be so thirsty with so much rain????

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


For bull nettle, I cut it off at the ground and put down a couple of layers of cardboard and then cover that with mulch. Smothering it works better than trying to dig it or poison it. If it sprouts outside the cardboard area, put down more cardboard and smother the sprout. It cannot survive indefinitely without sunlight/photosynthesis. I don't have any nettle in my veggie garden, but it pops up in the ornamental beds.

I think that my body, which usually is allergic and reacts to contact with a gazillion kinds of plants, doesn't react to bull nettle. However, I take Zyrtec daily because of my numerous allergies, so maybe that prevents a reaction? I don't know. I don't generally react to poison ivy either.

The varmints like the melons because rain isn't sweet maybe?

Today I went out to pick muskmelons and there was a turtle eating one. I let him keep it. He's my resident turtle and lives in the garden all the time, so he has to eat something, and I have tons of melons. Usually he likes low-hanging tomatoes, but I've harvested all them and he can't reach the higher ones.

Rabbits generally don't bother my garden as long as I put henscratch right outside the garden fence to distract them. Sometimes they nibble at plants that grow through the fence though.


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I feel your pain as I am sure many here do. I am attaching a link that may give some help on getting more aggressive. Good Luck.


Here is a link that might be useful: How to Kill Stinging Nettle

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Christopher & Dawn...and anyone else..

Can't thank you enough for the info! The good news...I can actually type...and this morning that was PAINFUL! I've never had this kind of reaction....but never gotten bit so bad either! I do take a daily Zyrtec...but wasn't much help. I woke up this morning with a severely swollen right wrist and hand, for my job...that is a problem! I do data research at the FAA for a law-firm that I've been long employed. Just had to grin & bear it! I work to live, not live to work.

Dawn - think your approach is workable. Much simpler than what we thought we were dealing with! I'm going to start saving the cardboard!!!!

and Christopher - that link you sent gave me so much info! Explains a LOT! I'm one of those unlucky few that have a bad reaction...and let this be a lesson to others!

Just thanks again! This forum is such a WEALTH of info...only because of the wonderful people that share here! Much appreciated!!!!


P.S. I've got enough tomatoes to actually make a batch of salsa!!! Word to those that are impatient....WAIT! It will come....

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


Just because I said I never react that strongly to things like poison ivy, I now have a rash on my left wrist and lower arm. It looks like poison ivy, but doesn't have the poison ivy itch. I gave two dogs a bath on Wed. afternoon and had the rash by bedtime, so I'm wondering if a dog had walked through poison ivy and had a small amount of the plant oils on their hair. I guess I'll never know.

Sometimes with itchy rashes, you can take a Tagamet (Cimetidine) in combination with a regular antihistamine because Tagamet blocks a different kind of histamine. I'll find and link a previous thread where we discussed that.

Hooray for the tomatoes and salsa. I always say that tomatoes start ripening about 3 weeks later than we think they will.


Here is a link that might be useful: Previous Discussion of Itchy Skin

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As one who had poison ivy all over my body as a 5 yr old, I am DEATH on the stuff, and it's Round Up city for it anytime I spot it anywhere in "my space". For really severe allergic reactions like bee or wasp stings, I highly recommend a trip to a walk in clinic, (if available) or an ER for a cortisone shot. It's about the ONLY thing that will take down a severe allergic reaction quickly. Some stings can be life threatening.....others, just plain miserable.
My late great dachsund, Chili Dawg, got into a yellow jacket nest, and had stings all over her body. I think a quick trip to the vet for a cortisone shot saved her.


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So sorry about your rash, Dawn!!! For what it's worth, I've been living with a bottle of Benadryl Gel and it's working quite well!! My DH swears by the clear Caladryl and he often ends up with poison ivy somewhere on his extremities from mowing.

And it seems like that's just the way life is at times - everytime we say "I've never had...." or "I never get...." some insect, critter or rash pops up!!! Seems like with all the flavors we grow every year, one of us could come up with something to season the "crow" with before we have to eat it! LOL!


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To kill the plant, pour gasoline on the green leaves. The leaves will die within an hour or so and the plant will not grow back. Best done on a nice dry hot sunny day.

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