Persian lilac buds turning brown

KouvoloMay 2, 2014

Hi all. I just planted two persian lilacs in my yard. They get full morning sun and light afternoon shade. I tried to do my homework and plant them properly. I added compost and lime to their beds when I planted them and I have watered them deeply once a week when there hasn't been any rain. When I got them they had wonderful fragrant blooms on them. I was excited because there were a lot of buds as well. That was a month ago. Now the buds are turning brown before they bloom. I have no idea what is wrong. Anyone have any suggestions? Could it be from too much lime? Or some sort of disease? I looked at lilac diseases, but didn't think it matched well with any. Both plants are doing this. I'd appreciate any thoughts!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

transplant shock ...

see link about proper planting.. if you wish we can discuss anything that confuses you ...

why did you lime the hole???

does it need water.. when you water it ???? .... or are you just relying on a schedule ... insert finger.. and water.. when it needs water ...

what is your native soil?? .. clay????

for next time... NEVER TRANSPLANT A FLOWERING PLANT.... enjoy it.. in the pot.. while it flowers ... THEN plant it ... then you wont be in this spot ... i have a rule i often quote: just because you buy it.. doesnt mean its planting time ...

ah well.. live and learn.. i did this plenty of times.. preWWW before i learned... nothing is going to kill this lilac [except maybe too much water in a heavy clay bowl with no drainage] .. so relax about that ....

good luck


ps: if you do have bad clay.. lets think about replanting it.. according to the link ...

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Thanks for the info Ken. I've only had a few years experience with gardening and have never heard not to plant a flowering shrub. Thats good to know since I just moved to a new house and want to do a lot of re-landscaping. I tried to do my homework about planting lilacs. I read that the heavy clay soils around here aren't great for lilacs. Thats why I added the compost and shrub soil from Miracle Grow. I also read that our acidic soil here in SC is not preferable to lilacs and to add some garden lime.

Thanks for the link. I'll keep that info in mind in the future. Hopefully I'll be enjoying lilacs blooms next spring!

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Did you get a freeze? If you get a freeze close on to a fully developed bloom, they'll fry them as well.

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