My plants' new spot!!

Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)June 26, 2011

I finally put all my plants in their permenate spot now!

Here is the ground level:

Here is my yucca and my needle palm and my foxtail seeds which I wrapped in plastic wrap a few days ago:

My coconut and majesty palm (glad to see my coconut is doing fine after the root incident):

My magesty:

A new frond is coming out on it:

Thanks for looking!!


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They look great! They have a nice view up there and a ton of sun too! They should do very well. I always wanted a balcony!
Thanks for sharing! Keep us updated.

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Good to see that you've got your pots of seeds covered. When they do sprout (be patient!), remove the plastic. It could get too hot in there, especially in the sun. Looks great.

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Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)

Thanks! I will post some updates in a month or two. Thanks for the helpful advice and nice comments!

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