Whitish spots on runner bean leaves

YesMaybeMay 22, 2011

Hi folks.

I scattered some runner beans along a fence and they started out well, but now they've developed something which looks like a disease to me, but could be anything as far as I know. At first it looks like discolored spots on the top which then turn more towards white and spread until the leaf is pretty much destroyed. I'm including one picture here of what it looks like when it gets really bad, in the hope that someone could help me identify it. I can post more pictures if it'd be helpful. I thought maybe it's halo blight, but it didn't look quite like pictures I'd seen online.


Image link:

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Here is a link with a few other pictures...

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Leafminers. VEry busy ones.

Remove the heavily affected leaves if you haven't already done so because they lack sufficient green to be of value.

They're young insects that live & feed between the layers of the leaf. The white is where they have destroyed the cells filled with chlorophyll.

Next step is to check the plants daily and, when you see the first inkling of white, to examine the leaf closely, find the slightly dark spot, then squish between your fingers.

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Thanks, much appreciated!!

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