Fastest growth?

subtropixJune 24, 2013

Which of these is the most robust and fast growing?

Queen palm
Butia/pindo palm
Butiagrus (Butia x Syagrus)

What I expected, is not proving to be true, and not sure why. For me, Butia is the fastest and most robust one, quickly becoming a giant in a container! Queens are not so fast, and so far, Butiagrus has as been a disappointment. I don't get it. How would you rank them in you situation?

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Same as yours, Queen Palms, even from the seedling stage, are very fast growers. Seeds will germinate in several months and are easy to grow.

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Pindo palms were also the fastest to grow for me. My Queen palm grows pretty fast, especially when it was younger and the soil wasn't so worn, but Pindos have it beat when it comes to number of fronds grown each season and overall health. Unfortunately I lost my Pindo palm this year even though it was not a particularly cold winter.


Here is a link that might be useful: My Plant Blog!

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In my climate, a Queen palm will grow from a 1 gal to 20' tall in 6-7 years (perhaps even taller if they would water more than I do). Nothing else (palm-wise... Eucalyptus will grow faster) I have grown will get as tall as fast as a Queen palm zone 9b southern California. Phoenix canariensis is next fastest (though I am counting the height of the fronds, not the trunk in that case)... and Parajubaea torallyi is next fastest, followed by Washingtonia, Caryota 'urens' and King Palm... Butias are WAY behind all of these... even Trachycarpus NOVA is faster than a Butia. ... I have Butias twice that age and none have come near that height yet. Butiagrus for me are inbetween, but closer to Butia than Syagrus.

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