Plumeria in mega planter box, would it work?

appleday8March 23, 2012

Hi, new to this forum! Have 8-10 large pots with multiple plumies in each. Every spring I line them on the west side of the porch, and when they leaf out they make a natural sun screen. The pots sit on a wood-framed bed of lava rock & chunked marble for drainage, about four inches deep. Am thinking of building a frame as deep as the tallest pot I have now, and just "repotting" all these root-bound plumies into it, then removing them for overwintering in the garage as usual (the pots take up nearly half of the garage, it's out of control). If I get the mix right, does this seem like it would work? They need repotting, but I can't physically handle any larger containers and this would give them more soil. Thanks!

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it should be fine.

when you say remove them for the winter, are you digging them out of the box and barerooting them?

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Thank you -- yes, that would be the plan. Usually I just move the pots into the garage. I've never tried the bareroot storage, but the cuttings I make when they come in for the winter usually do just fine. Hence the no-room-for-any-more-pots. Now for planting mix research!

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an alternate plan is to drill lots of big holes in your pot and plunge it into the raised bed you are going to build. That way you can pull out the plant in the fall and trim any roots for storage.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Austin,

I agree with K... I would root prune your trees if root bound and then repot in your containers that you have and then plunge them into your container box. This will help your root bound trees as well as giving you the same effect that you had when you set them on the planter box. Then come fall, it will be so much easier to take the containers out and cut the roots that have grown from the original pot and simply store them for the season. No worries about bare rooting and such... Just my Opinion of course!!!

Sounds like a great idea to me!!!

I have lots of root pruning to do in a few weeks will be a lot of work, but after it is done we will see how the trees love the attention. ( like going to the Plumie Spa!!! : )

Good Luck with whatever decision you make...

Please keep us posted on what you decide to do and take pics of before and after for us!!! We love to see pics!!!

Take care,


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Thanks very much to all! The planters are heavy ceramic w/ good drainage holes in the bottom - doubt I'd be able to pull them up and out of a box - I use a dolly (and my brother!) to move them now. If I repotted into the big black plastic pots (with more holes) and then plunged those, do you think that'd be too much shock? They are all quite crowded in their pots and look like they need more soil, period. Then I could fill the ceramic pots with MORE PLANTS of course....

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I would not expect any shock at this point of the growing season. I prefer to use plastic or resin pots as transplanting and transport is easier.

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Thanks again - I'll update when this gets done. This site is a treasure trove of knowledge & helpfulness! Much appreciated.

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