I have an angry Abigail.

favorite_kitty(Zone 5)March 10, 2014

I bought an Abigail cutting several years ago and I need to help her. She is super tall with a small section where she was snapped last year. At that area she continued to grow another stalk straight up. There were two other areas that looked as though they were going to branch out but never did. We would like to know if we can cut this main trunk and reroot the cutting, and if the main plant would put out new growth. What is the best way to cut our plant (if possible) and have the best results? I will try to post some pictures to show you what she looks like. Thanks everyone!

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favorite_kitty(Zone 5)

Here is a crummy close up of where she was snapped.

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Poorrrr baby! Looks like a good place to hang a swing :) I'm sure others will jump in but I would cut the top and root it, cut the crosswise piece and make a center cutting to root and the trunk should grow new branches and make a nice tree. Three for the price of one. Good luck. Peg

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This may sound crazy but, I would cut right below where the branch grows straight side ways. I would let that end dry and cover the cutting with soil so the growing tip is straight up. I would think that entire bottom portion could root.

I just wouldn't want the cuttings to be too short. Sometimes it can be challenging to root them if they are too short. I know Laura Jones and some others have rooted numbs but I don't think i could be that patient!!!

Let us know what you decide to do. I would love to see the results!


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