What kind of sunflower bug is this...

Pudgy(7a TX)May 23, 2006

Just found a bunch of these on my sunflowers, wondering if anyone

knows what they are and if they are a friend, or foe? Thanks.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

It's a type of leafhopper, a foe. At least I THINK it is....the image is 'rather' out of focus. :-)

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Pudgy(7a TX)

Here is a much better photo of the same bug, sorry
I was in a hurry and posted the link to the wrong photo. I'm wondering if this bug is a damaging bug or one that is friendly. I have a feeling it is damaging, as I saw one drop of moisture the size of the bug near the bug (there are dozens of them on the main upright stems of about 7 plants, 3-4 per plant.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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It's commonly known as a sharpshooter in this area. They are a foe, but in my experience, not usually severe. If I remember correctly, they have a habit of "spitting", so that is probably what the moisture you mentioned is. One of my rules of thumb, when it comes to bugs, is that if there are lots of them on a plant, it's usually a foe. How many times have you seen lots of ladybugs or green lacewings in one spot? (grin)
Mrs H

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Pudgy(7a TX)

You know, that is a very good point about the volume of bugs in one spot and if they are good or bad :) I will keep that in mind, and I'll squish the buggers the next time I'm out and about with the sunflowers. They just popped up when the flowers opened up, so I suspect they are after something the plant produces when it flowers. I have another row or two of sunflowers that have not developed heads yet, and they have none of these bugs on them. Just my observation. Thank you for identifying the bug, and also the general rule of thumb on volume, friend or foe. This forum and others here in garden web rock!

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You're welcome. The first time I ever noticed any sharpshooters was a couple of years ago, and they were in the flowering sunflowers. They didn't cause great damage, but were pesty. It took me awhile to realize that large numbers of bugs usually mean bad news, lol. A few years ago, I noticed all these pretty black and orange bugs on my mustard plants. Turns out they were harlequin bugs, and were killing the plants, but I didn't go to war with them until they were doing major damage. They were just so pretty (grin).
Mrs H

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Pudgy(7a TX)

I have to my best ability identified this bug as a an adult coagulata.

My photo of this little pest shows the chalky material known as brochosomes that are placed on the wing covers of some leafhoppers, and often mistakeningly thought to originate in other insects.

The bug I show was found in dozens upon my Russian Mammoth Sunflowers in Plano TX, when the flowers were blooming/opening, and the plants were 3 months old.

Best wishes, and happy harvesting!


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