Epsom salt and my sago

nashwinter123June 10, 2008

How much epsom salt should i give my sago palm which is in a 5 gallon contanier??


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Generally when I give any of my palms epsom salt. I mix 1 tbs per gallon of water. I would say pour in 1/3 of that and that should be good. Any more and it will drain out the bottom of the pot. Trying and pour into soil. Try to never water your Sago on top of bulb.

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I would fertilize with a fertilizer for cycads. Epson salt is not a fix all and especially for cycads.Palms and cycads are different in there needs.If you are talking about a real sago palm (not a good possibility)you probably are talking about a Cycas revolutu right ? If you have a real sago palm you are lucky.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pacsoa Cycas revoluta

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cycadjungle(z9b Cent FL)

David is right, a sago is a cycad and doesn't need Epsom Salts. If the sago was to get a deficiency, it would probably be a Manganese deficiency and Epsom Salts is Magnesium, which is totally different. It might slightly green up the plant, but for me, I have grown 200 species of cycads and for 20 years, I have yet to use Epsom Salts on any of my cycads. Now it can help out on the color of palms, but not all that much with cycads. I tell you, the common name of "sago palm" has caused all kinds of problems for people who are newly interested in these plants because it really throws people off on what they should expect to do regarding care for their new plants.

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It was turning yellow.

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Again manganese deficiency can do the same thing as well as other factors. I had one one time that would turn yellow then brown every time a new flush came out and I tried everything I could to fix it.I contacted the cycad jungle site and he told me how much manganese I needed to add to my fertilizer and on the second flush it was green as can be.Ever since I added a little to the fertilizer and I never had that problem again. Magnesium deficiency usually affects the older fronds of a palm not the newest ones but many people use it as a fix all even when thats not the problem.

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How do i make a thread?

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First you plant some cotton, then pick the wool, and put it into a special machine to make the thread. Add dye as needed.

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Go to the top of the Palm & cycad forum page and you will see the post a message.

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